This course is for those who want to:

  •       Honor God with their talents,

  •       Provide for their families,

  •       Help fund the great commission

  •       Grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. 

"It takes people with God's power stewarding God's provision."


There are no secrets to wealth creation...just information you don't know.

We fill in those gaps of knowledge for you. 

We designed this course for those who want to honor God with their talents, provide for their families, help fund the great commission and grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. 


It is a comprehensive tool that helps you learn the nature of wealth, how to create it, and how to put your money to work for you. It helps you identify and overcome obstacles to wealth creation. With nearly 30 hours of Biblically balanced and economically sounds instruction, we pull back the curtain on what wealth creators know but many others do not. It simplifies the often complex world investments, real estate, business ownership, IRA's, 401k's, and the personal and cultural characteristics that foster economic freedom and prosperity.  This kit will enable you to serve others better, solve harder problems, bring order out of chaos, beauty out of ugliness, clarity out of confusion and opportunity our of emptiness. Just as God supplies the farmer with seed and we receive a harvest of bread, he is able to enlarge the storehouse of your seed so he can reap a harvest of generosity from us. If I can paraphrase the Apostle Paul's prayer for the Corinthian church, may he make you rich in every way so you can be generous on ever occasion. 

You will receive: 27 downloadable audio lessons with a companion ebook plus bonus materials!

Purchase with credit card through paypal or with a paypal account for $49.99

As an added bonus we've included free Real Estate resources: Lease examples, Rental application and other key items for your Real Estate needs. We've also included an insightful article that help you understand the hidden rules of class in your workplace.



Lesson 1: Will You Serve God or Money?

Here we establish that we serve God not money. We look at ways money can sneak in and displace our Creator as Lord. Wealth is a great servant and a terrible master.

Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Wealth Creation.

This lesson begins by introducing you to the fundamentals of wealth creation. We cover ten reasons why God wants you to prosper and the necessary conditions personally, and culturally for prosperity to occur. If getting rich is NOT a godly goal, then why pursue wealth creation? The class opens just after a missionary to a secure country shared his vision and calling. This is why we created this kit. To bring in more provision for the vision. 

Lesson 3: How is Wealth Created?

In this lesson, we establish the truth about how wealth is created. We destroy the pie myth and correct poor attitudes toward wealth creation. We teach you the three ways wealth is created: Solve Problems, Buy Low-Sell High, Add Value.

Lesson 4: The Supernatural Power of Work.

This lesson covers God’s foolproof wealth creation idea: work. In order for us to live productive, prosperous lives it’s so important to get God’s view of work into our souls. When we include a vertical, worshipful attitude in our work, God is honored, mankind is served and wealth is created! We cover the four kinds of workers and share how to become the top- level worker in your field. 

Lesson 5: Finding Your Sweet Spot.

God created us with certain gifts and talents. We will perform best if we find ourselves in the sweet spot of our gifts, passions and God’s dreams. This short lesson gives you three important questions to answer in order to find yourself where you can be most productive for eternity!

Lesson 6: Power of the Tithe-Provision for the Vision.

God uses people, walking in his power and stewarding his provision to move the church forward. God has an incredible plan for bringing provision into the kingdom. This also opens the windows of heaven over your life. In this lesson, we teach you the indispensable truths of tithes and offerings.

Lesson 7: The Christian’s Guide to Productive Living and Time Management.

Each person receives a new 24 hours each day. This lesson will teach you valuable truths to help you use each moment to the max. Topics covered include goal setting and personal productivity.

Lesson 8: Overcoming Hindrances to Wealth Creation.

Attitudes and habits may hinder the wealth creation process and eat away at our hard work. This lesson explores things in our lives that may drag down our productivity. We explore hidden barriers like emotional resources, integrity quotients, motivational resources and minimal thinking. These barriers are often unseen in the people that face them. (At least they were for me.) This lesson is a good tool for self-evaluation to help you think clearly about ourselves and any mindset that may be hindering our productivity. 

Lesson 9: How Wealth Creators Think. 

This lesson explores how the wealthy think differently than most people. Since wealth is first created in the mind, this lesson provides a key pivot point before we begin looking at the three powerful wealth generators. We explore risk and failure, opportunity cost, social rules and more!

Lesson 10: Introduction to Stocks. 

This lesson introduces us to the financial asset class with a beginner’s look at stocks. Stocks may not be the best starter investment for you but they are the best way to start learning about the financial class of investments. Including stocks, this lesson covers topics like: Sectors, Indexes, Dow, S&P 500, Bid/Ask spread, PE Ratios and more! 

Lesson 11: Introduction to Bonds.

This short tutorial will enable you understand how to use bonds to preserve your wealth. We cover Treasuries, Corporate and Municipal bonds and how to rate them.

Lesson 12: Introduction to Mutual Fund Investing

This session covers one of the most powerful investment vehicles around—the mighty mutual fund. We give you the insight to be able to pick good mutual funds with fees that won’t kill your returns. At the end of this lesson, you will know how to invest in good quality mutual funds. 

Lesson 13: Asset Allocation and 401k’s.

You don’t want to skip this lesson! There are only three strings you can play on when it comes to financial assets: Timing, allocation and asset class. If you ignore fundamental, historical wisdom, you will not achieve the returns you desire. This lesson will teach you how to play on these three strings. We also help you strategize and decode your 401k! 

Lesson 14: Business Structures and SCORE

This lesson introduces you to the business ownership asset class. This is one of the most powerful ways to create wealth. It gives you power to work a vision while leverage the talents of other people. Here, business consultant Michael Caruso teaches us the pros and cons of the basic legal forms businesses can take. He also shares a gold nugget on what SCORE can do for you! 

Lesson 15: Incorporating Christian Principles into Your Business. 

All businesses have a mission and vision. Whether it’s stated or not, there is a reason the business exists and a direction the business moves. Owning your own business provides you a powerful opportunity to be salt and light in the culture. What difference should a business led by a Christian make? This lesson gives you ten ways you can incorporate Christian principles into your business. 

Lesson 16: Nine Strategies for Taking Your Business to the Next Level. 

 Many business have stagnated or can’t quite get up to scale to be self-sustaining. Business leaders have taken these principles and launched their lives to new levels!

Lesson 17: The Business Leaders Roundtable.

Roundtable New and experienced small business leaders open their brains and answer common questions regarding small business ownership. How do you get started? Listen to this lesson! 

Lesson 18: Bonus Track! Purpose and Power of Kingdom Business.

When someone owns a business, they are exercising partial, delegated sovereignty over God’s stuff to partner with Him to bring effort, ingenuity, and mission to the marketplace. When I own my own business, I can set the mission. If the mission is honorable and done according to God’s principles, then there is a release of God’s anointing and God’s presence and      principles. Both are honorable, but one has more authority, more liberty, and a corresponding accountability.

Lesson 19: Bonus Track! Purpose and Power of Kingdom Business II. 

Another take on incorporating Christian principles into your business. We look at the “Triple Bottom Line” Profitability/Sustainability + Local Job/Wealth Creation + Advancing the Local Church/Spiritual Capital.

Lesson 20: Inventing a Product and Bringing it to Market. 

Experienced inventor Keith Nielson drops gold nuggets into our laps for an hour. He answers questions about conceptualizing, prototyping, patenting and selling your dream! He also shares his favorite company for helping inexperienced inventors. Also, how to navigate QVC! Avoid the sharks in this industry. Listen to this lesson. 

Lesson 21: Introduction to Real Estate. 

Real Estate is one of the oldest and most powerful wealth-generating vehicles on the planet! Here I share the pros and cons of this investment. I recommend beginning books and websites that will help you navigate the next step in your journey to real-estate wealth.

Lesson 22: Real Estate Expert—Nethaniel Ealy. 

Rental property expert from Michigan and Idaho shares how he started with one house to owning many. He shares his secrets and tools to grow in this investment class. 

Lesson 23: Real Estate Expert—Ryan Vaught. 

Ryan graduated from Chico State with a Finance degree in Business Administration. Prior to real estate, Ryan was in web technology. Ryan managed 38 units in central Chico, California for several years. He was in charge or leasing, turn overs and rent collection. While working as a property manager. Ryan shares his expertise with us from starting to flourishing a real estate business. His blog is a wealth of information: 

Lesson 24: Breaking Through to New Levels of Wealth Creation. 

Is your income stagnant? This lesson gives you insight into how wealth stagnates and fifteen strategies to grow past your current income level!

Lesson 25: Bonus Track: Preparing for Increase. 

This lesson presents four actions you must do to prepare for increase in your life. If we don’t prepare for increase, we won’t be able to steward it when it comes. We may not even recognize the opportunities when they present themselves. 

Lesson 26: Bonus Track: Interview with Business Expert Bill Marsh. 

Bill shares gold nuggets from his experience at running his family auto dealership. He runs a very successful business and he elevates people. He creates leaders within his organization. Pay attention to how he creates wealth. He buys low and sells high but he also creates value. Also, listen for how he is always growing and teaches others to do the same. He gives some great book recommendations and some great advice for sales people and for business leaders.


Lesson 27: Bonus Track: Interview with Online Seller J.P. Dorsey.

This interview is with a great man named J.P. Dorsey. He is one of the deans of Northpoint Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He also runs several businesses that specialize in rare and antique books and artifacts called Dust and Ashes. He runs a classic buy/low, sell/high model and he has created a great market for his products around the country. As you listen, pay close attention to his     value-added philosophy and down to earth practical principles for doing kingdom work and life.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can the wealth creation kit best help me?


The Wealth Creation Guide is a course designed to help those who desire to serve God with their gifts and talents. It contains 27 audio lessons with a corresponding E-book containing all the notes. The kit can be downloaded right to your device.

The Christian’s Guide to Wealth Creation is designed to teach you Biblically balanced and economically sound principles of wealth creation so that you can grow in your ability to make a difference around the world for God.

This kit was born out of my frustration brought on by seeing Christian after Christian living far beneath their potential. God has given his vision for the great commission, but too often it is the lack of provision that keeps us from seeing God’s dreams come true. Proverbs 19:8 tells us, “The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.” This kit is designed to impart wisdom to you so that you can bring forth, out of your God-given gifts, beneficial resources into this fallen world.


We begin by addressing the key personal characteristics needed for prosperity. Then we introduce these wealth creation methods. Then we learn about the powerful wealth generating engines of investment classes. We finish with amazing interviews with experienced wealth creators.

1. Listen to each of the lessons with notes in hand.

2. Re-visit the lessons that speak to you the most.

3. Begin implementing the new strategies into your life as God directs.

4. Pursue further study into the specific areas using our recommended resource page.

5. Enlist like-minded friends to accompany you on your journey to impacting forever. The world needs what you have to offer. Acts 20:24, “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the good news of God's grace.”


How can I create wealth? I can barely pay my bills!


Wealth is created when we apply our ingenuity and effort to the earth’s resources to create usable, beneficial goods and services. To create wealth, you must discover how God has gifted you to best serve others. When you learn how to solve harder problems for more people, you will create more wealth.


Wealth can be blocked through attitudes and negative habits or a lack of understanding how wealth is created. In the Wealth Creation Guide, we walk you through the process of turning these barriers into stepping stones.


We also invite you to the world of wealth creators by introducing you to the best practices of investing. Each dollar is a money seed, you can eat it or plant it. First, we must create a surplus by producing more than we consume, then a portion of our surplus should be invested into good soil. Over time, your money will be working for you.


The information in the guide has helped hundreds of people move beyond their previous limits for the glory of God and the advancement of his kingdom!


If money is the root of all evil, why should Christians pursue wealth?


First, the Bible doesn’t say that money is the root of all evil, it says, the love of money is the root of all evil. And this is true. Greed leads people to do many bad things. Yet the Bible talks a lot about money. It not only warns us not to wear ourselves out to get rich, but it also exhorts us to give generously, help the poor, provide for our families and fund the work of the Kingdom. To do these things, we must create wealth and put it to work helping people.


Money is a-moral. A rich person can be greedy or generous. A poor person can be greedy or generous. God uses people, walking in his power and stewarding his provision to move the Kingdom forward.


This guide is for those who desire to use their gifts to honor God, bless people and provide for the things that matter most in this life and the next.


What is the best way for me to start investing?


Before you begin investing, create an emergency fund of three to six months’ worth of expenses. Then look at how God wired you. Where is your best chance of success? What will you love to do? You have four big options and ideally, you should have a diverse portfolio: financials (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401k’s), real estate (rental properties, commercial real estate, REIT’s), business ownership or education (the more you learn, the more you earn).  


This Wealth Creation Guide will introduce you to each of these asset classes and help you make the best decision to move forward. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Inflation is claiming two to three percent of your savings each year. Take some of your surplus seeds and plant them in good soil! Get rid of those lazy dollars, put your money to work!

What others are saying:

Anthony Weber


"The feedback I got from my students was really good after Carey's teaching on the principles, not just realted to biblical economincs, but practically speaking, how to handle fincances and the importance of doing that well for the sake of spreading the gospel."

Sergei Kelly



"This class really helped me to connect faith and business. Knowing how to direct your business is probably the most powerful aspect of business itself. And that you can gain wealth in a Christian manner very effectively and it is a great way to please God and honor him and to feel good about who you are with your money."

Scott Mann

Business Owner

"If you are even thinking of going into business, or investing, or any aspect of trying to better your life or being a more savvy investor, or in wealth creation, I would definitely recommend this class."

Jane Pace

Real Estate

"I was looking for rentals when I needed a place to stay and the rentals that I saw were really bad. They were expensive and they were dirty...I wanted to have a home...I want to help people who are kindof in my situation or might have a hard time with renting."

After going through the Christian's Guide to Wealth Creation, Jane now owns three homes that she uses for ministry and income properties.

About Carey Waldie

Trained as a commercial flight instructor, Carey Waldie began working with young people helping them navigate the course of life. He has spent a lifetime helping people live purposeful and meaningful lives, and speaks broadly on life, learning and leading. 


Carey is married to a wonderful woman and is raising four world-changing children in the forests of Northern Michigan.



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Mayfield, MI 49666



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